Kat Glick

Founder of Personal Evolution


“My passion is helping people live a life of happiness fueled by balanced health & wellness.

If you don’t feel well, you can’t live well.”

Seems like a really simple idea, doesn’t it? Then why is it that so many of us learn this lesson the hard way?

I know this notion first-hand. My life used to be very different. I was constantly on the move, pursuing an education in psychology & counseling while working full time to make ends meet in a wildly exciting but many times unforgiving New York City. 12-hour days with no break were the norm & my fuel came from lots of caffeine, sugar, cigarettes, and whatever food I could pick up and eat on the run. I simply didn’t take care of myself, & I got very used to feeling unwell, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It became the norm, & I gave up on the idea of things changing.

I got my wake up call after a car accident left me in daily pain. The same year I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I hit a wall. I left most doctor’s offices with a simple prescription, a referral to see another doctor and a lot of unanswered questions about how I was really supposed to heal. Their advice often failed to address me as a whole person. I was the caffeinated New Yorker on the go, the mid-20s professional woman with an unhealthy relationship with food, weight & self-image, & the mental health practitioner who could help others feel better, but struggled with my own health. After all, how was I supposed to be an effective healer if I felt sick, tired & stressed all the time?

I realized that I had to make an active change & started doing my own research. Creating true health was more than taking a pill or having a procedure for a specific issue. I had to address ALL areas of my health, life, & lifestyle in order to figure out how to help my body & mind work together towards a better state of health.

Throughout the past few years, I’ve been working with people living with disorders of both the mind & the body. Starting with the addictions population & then moving into clinical mental health, I learned the depths of what it means to struggle with both emotional and physical issues, and how those issues are interrelated. My own personal journey allows me to relate to many of the issues I see today in my clients, & my own experience helps me help them find and create their own path to better health and a better life.

I hold an M.A. in Forensic Mental Health Counseling and specialize in the treatment of clinical issues, including mood, anxiety, & addictive disorders, as well as personal behavioral change. I am licensed as a Professional Counselor (LPC) & Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor (LCADC) for the state of NJ. I received my nutritional training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition & am certified as a Holistic Health Practitoner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Some of the evidence-based treatment models I use within my practice include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Integrative Dual Disorders Treatment, and Motivational Interviewing, a style that has been proven effective with people who are in need of behavioral change in their life.

I am pursuing my PhD in Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University, I also teach college and graduate-level Psychology, Counseling and Addiction courses at various institutions.

I ask you – What do you want for yourself, your health and your life? How do you want to feel, & what are you willing to do to make it happen?

The first step towards optimal health is being open to making changes in your life. It’s a personal decision you make for yourself, based on the benefits of change outweighing the risks of staying the same. Create something different in your life – let Personal Evolution help you get there.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Licenses & Certifications

Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Board Certified Holistic Health Coach Practitioner
Certified Clinical Supervisor
American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Certified & Approved Clinical Supervisor (CCS, ACS)
Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider

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Philadelphia, PA