Clinical Services

Fishtown Wellness Center

Clinical Services are offered through Personal Evolution’s affiliate Fishtown Wellness Center.

Fishtown Wellness Center provides mental health counseling and therapy, holistic health coaching, and wellness services (such as meditation, mindfulness, group therapies, nutrition, healthy living skills & behavior change coaching) delivered by mental health professionals. Other services include relationship counseling/coaching and affirmative counseling related to sexuality and gender identity.

This practice follows a whole-person and individualized approach to improving physical and mental health with approaches that are grounded in evidence-based strategies to help motivate individuals in taking action and creating positive change in their lives. Fishtown Wellness Center not only helps individuals navigate challenges in their lives, but help build on each person’s strengths, resources, and achievements, taking a Positive Psychology and empowerment approach.

The mission of Fishtown Wellness Center is to help people create, cultivate and sustain the life they want to live.

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Addiction & Recovery

To start your journey to recovery, call Fishtown Wellness Center today to be paired with an addiction recovery specialist.
Addiction Therapy

Behavior Change

Behavior modification therapy can help teach and reinforce skills to gain more control of unwanted or harmful behaviors in your life. Contact the Fishtown Wellness Center today to schedule an appointment.
Behavior Change

Counseling & Psychotherapy

Getting help with a therapist at Fishtown Wellness can allow you to open yourself up about the personal challenges you are facing.
Counseling & Psychotherapy

Couples & Relationship Counseling

If you are experiencing problems in your relationship(s), you might benefit from relationship therapy.
Relationship Counseling

Health Coaching & Chronic Illness

Holistic health coaching can help you achieve greater balance in your lifestyle and develop inner peace.
Health Coaching

Sexuality & Gender

Whether you are experiencing challenges around your sexuality and/or gender identity, or would like to be paired with an allied therapist, our team at FWC can help.
Sexuality & Gender

(SAP) services for DOT Employees

If you have been directed to meet with an SAP, the Fishtown Wellness Center offers these services. You can call our office to schedule your initial evaluation.
Substance Abuse Professional


If you are unsure about whether Telehealth is the best fit for you, our therapists are here to answer any questions and work with you.

Insurances Accepted

  • Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield,
  • United Behavioral Health/Oxford/Optum,
  • Aetna,
  • Cigna