Training & Professional Development

  • Alternative relationship structures, nonmongoamy & polyamory
  • Gender affirming and integrative care
  • Holistic health & integrative nutrition in clinical practice
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive care
  • The Psychology of Eating other holistic approaches with food
  • Anti-oppressive approaches to treating substance use
  • Integrating sex education and identities exploration into therapeutic practice
  • Strategies preventing premature dropout in therapy
  • Unpacking ableism and anti-ableist therapeutic practice
  • Disordered eating and eating disorders: Deconstructing pathology-based lenses in therapy

Continuing Education & Professional Development Courses

Now that you have your degree, how do you begin to set up your practice? There are many gaps in education, and there are even fewer entities available that provide after-graduation support. Unless you have a job already guaranteed or an opportunity to begin working right away, you are left wondering which step to make next. We understand.

We also acknowledge that even long-time practicing behavioral therapists, psychologists, and counselors need professional development to stay current or gain new skills. When you search for such training and education, the institutions offering what you need are scarce.

We’re here to change all of that with our Individual Practitioner and Group Training services.

Behavioral Health Agency Consultation

Opening your own behavioral health agency and managing employees can be challenging. You may be wondering how and where to begin. Let us assist you in getting started and avoiding mistakes that could set back the growth and success of your behavioral health agency.

Our consultation service is designed to answer any question you might have about owning and operating a behavioral health agency. We provide consultation revolving around quality assurance and successful office policy and procedure. Have us educate your staff on regulatory compliance and best practices when working with a specific population. We can even assist you in enacting LGBTQIA+ affirming practices, as well as the development of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Why is this important for your workplace? Being competent in the needs of different cultures, ethnicities, and identities allows you to build a more respectful, wholesome, and helpful practice. It shows that you are devoted to inclusivity; your agency will be a force that promotes a positive change not only in the lives of your clients, but in the entire community that you service.

That is why we offer behavioral health agency consultations– because we believe that existing agencies and practitioners should be at the forefront of the behavioral health field, using our experiences to initiate further

Individual Practitioner Consultation

If there were one thing we could change about higher education, it would be the questions you are left with about your chosen career even after graduation. Those questions and concerns can persist when you have started your own practice or are working for someone else. As an individual practitioner, you might never get the chance to ask those questions—unless
you get help.

We’ve been there, and we understand the struggle involved with becoming an individual practitioner in psychology, counseling, or behavioral therapies. Unique challenges dot your path, such as decoding the process of attaining your necessary credentials and licenses.

Our individual practitioner services include:

  • Official supervision for individuals and groups
  • Professional case and clinical supervision
  • Assistance with the credentialing process
  • Certification and licensing exam prep and tutoring
  • Professional development education and training

You will learn in an engaging environment with in-person or online sessions that are conducted by experts in the industry. We offer flexible services and hours to fit your schedule. You will be able to earn CE credits to stay ahead of the trends or study up for an exam.

All of this not only supports you and your healthcare practice, but also makes you a better therapist, psychologist, social worker, or counselor for all your clients.

What Does This Service Not Include?

Presently, we are only available to offer these services to individuals and groups or agencies who meet certain qualifications, such as holding the correct degree required for credentials and licensing. For this reason, we cannot offer clinical hours to current college or university students. These opportunities are also not internships or mentorships.

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Sexuality- Based Trainings:

  • Institute of Affirmative Education (links coming soon!)

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