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With a comprehensive wellness program, your business can offer a healthier working environment while also maintaining happier employees. Good wellness programs can reduce costs, drive up productivity and increase employee health and retention. One of the keys to sound wellness programs is helping to initiate behavioral changes. These changes are difficult to make and require high employee engagement, adherence to good practices and good health interventions. Unfortunately, wellness programs that are not well-planned may fail in the delivery of these outcomes.

If your business has existing programs that are not giving you the outcomes that you want, identifying and correcting the problems is paramount. Our professional wellness consultants can offer expert guidance in establishing new comprehensive wellness programs to identify and fix the issues in your agency.

Understanding Corporate Wellness Consultation in Pennsylvania

Employee drug and alcohol policies and procedures

Drug and alcohol use by employees at work is a problem for many companies. It is important to have a good drug and alcohol policy in the workplace so that your employees are not impaired while they are at work. Many state and federal laws require that certain types of businesses have alcohol and drug policies in place. For example, companies that employ commercial drivers need to have policies concerning alcohol and drug use.

Companies that use pre-employment drug screens or random drug testing for employees must have policies in place about how those screens are performed. It is important that your company’s drug and alcohol policies comply with all relevant laws. A good drug and alcohol policy is important for liability protection. If you have an employee who is impaired and injures another by their negligence, you may open yourself up to substantial liability. If your company is small and does not have a human resources department, you should make certain that you have a sound drug and alcohol policy. If you do not and someone is injured on the job, you may be sued. We can help your company to implement a drug and alcohol policy that will provide the best protection for your company.

Employee and staff wellness

The most successful businesses are focused on employee health and wellness. On average, workers spend more than 2,000 hours each year working on the job, underscoring the importance of strong wellness programs for employees. The workplace environment has a large impact on the overall health and well-being of employees. Obesity and preventable diseases may be caused by unhealthy workplace environments and may place large financial burdens on employers.

While most businesses understand the benefits of employee wellness programs, many owners do not understand how to start a wellness program to encourage good health and wellness outcomes for their employees. Personal Evolution can help you design and implement a strong plan and regularly evaluate its effectiveness to make certain it is providing the outcomes you desire. We can help you identify the preventable diseases and conditions that occur in your company and address some of the practical measures you can do to reduce their frequency. We can also help you to address ethical concerns about privacy and identify wellness gaps.

Institutional and corporate communications

Boosting employee morale is a key concern of most businesses, and a majority of business owners understand the importance of employee morale. When morale is high, employees are satisfied, confident and positive. Employee morale has a large impact on productivity. Low morale can lead to low productivity and high turnover.

Your business has immense control over the workplace environment and its impacts on morale. We can help you by assessing how effective your managers are, how they interact with your employees and how your employees interact with one another. By identifying areas of need, we can help you build a more positive environment in which your employees will thrive.

Having good workplace policies and wellness programs in place is vital for your success. We can offer expert guidance to your company to help you establish the types of programs and policies that can help you reduce costs and improve the workplace while offering you the corporate wellness benefits that you want. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your consultation.

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Whats The Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?

Coaching is usually appropriate when someone is already functioning well and needs support, encouragement, and accountability to achieve greater heights and goals. Counseling is most often used when someone has encountered a problem or an area of their life that requires improvement in order for the person to feel better.

What Are My Options For Location?

In-person appointments available for New Jersey, NYC, Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Online and Teletherapy appointments also offered.

I Already Work With A Healthcare Professional. Will You Collaborate and Work With Them?

Absolutely. Our counselors and coaches actively collaborate with all healthcare professionals involved in an individual’s case in order to ensure continuity and quality of care.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Cash, check, Paypal, credit card. Invoices provided for out-of-network benefits. Sliding scale fee available for those who qualify.