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Workplace Discrimination in PA

It has been obvious for many years, and it has crept through many workplaces in the United States, glaring but ignored. But you can’t overlook racial equity and inequalities any longer. Persons of color face discrimination and racism throughout the US, especially in the workplace.

Up until a few years back, race was considered to be too controversial or too political a topic to discuss within the corporate realm. But business owners, human resources, and employees cannot afford to be blind to the injustices of others. The playing field in education, society, and the workplace is not balanced for those of color, particularly Black and brown persons.

So, we need to have a conversation about race within the workplace. We need to take action so that everyone is treated equitably.

At Personal Evolution, we have resources, education, tools, and programs that can help you tackle discrimination in the workplace. Not only do we encourage discussion around bias, privilege, and oppression, but we empower employees to have a voice and make the workplace (and society) more fair. Our model sets up a method of problem-solving that goes from raising awareness of the discriminatory issues inherent in many organizations (even those you are not aware of) to raising empathy towards those issues.  Lastly, we provide lasting strategies for you to implement, ultimately taking steps to create an anti-oppressive and anti-racist work environment and culture.

Our Statement

Every little action made in support of racial equity and the Black Lives Matter movement is a step in the right direction.
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We work to dismantle systems of oppression that marginalize and target gender expansive and trans folx, particularly within mental and behavioral health.
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