National Substance Abuse Professional 

In the US, certain medical and mental health professionals can receive certifications as Substance Abuse Professionals or SAPs. These people provide services to people who have failed or refused drug tests at their jobs when their jobs are covered by the Department of Transportation. If you have failed a drug test and have a job in a DOT-regulated industry, you will be required to see a SAP. At Personal Evolution, we have the appropriate certification to provide these types of services.

What do SAPs do?

SAPs evaluate workers who have violated drug and alcohol rules in their DOT-regulated jobs. After they complete their evaluations, SAPs make recommendations for drug and alcohol education, treatment, substance use monitoring, and ongoing care needs. An SAP serves to monitor the process.

SAPs play a large role in determining whether an employer can allow the worker to drive a school bus or commercial truck, fly a plane, or control a train or subway. Because of the roles an SAP has, they have a large amount of responsibility for public safety. When you are sent to a substance abuse professional, they will be able to report whether you have complied with your program and the recommendations that were given.

What happens if you refuse to submit to a DOT alcohol or drug test?

If you work in an industry that is regulated by the Department of Transportation, you must submit to a DOT alcohol or drug test when you are asked to do so. If you refuse to take the test, you will be removed from your position until you complete the process. You will be required to see a certified SAP and to follow the recommendations that are given. Refusing to take a DOT alcohol or drug test may also make it harder for you to find a different job. Your drug and alcohol tests will have to be observed, and you will be responsible for paying for them. Finally, your license, certificate, authorization, and rating might be suspended, revoked, or restricted.