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“I was preparing for a much-needed vacation and was just first interested in losing weight and firming up to look my best for my trip. I consulted with Kat in order to gain some insight on a regimen I could follow that would produce the best results in the 6 weeks prior. What I gained was so much more. I filled out a brief health survey which inquired about my physical health and lifestyle: I was an avid exerciser and knew I was a carb addict. I often had GI issues and tended to get sick easily. Kat quickly came back to me with a nutrition plan that made a significant difference in the way I felt, as well as the numbers on the scale. Not only did I drop 6 lbs. but I felt more sustained energy and experienced a vast improvement in my GI distress. She introduced me to a diet that was tailored to my blood type and in doing so I realized that almost everything I was eating prior was counter-productive to how I wanted to feel and look! I am very grateful for the advice and information I received and would recommend Kat’s expertise to anyone who wanted to make an improvement in their health and diet.”

– Laura R.

“Kat’s approach to working with people is truly individualized. She has a knack for being able to discern exactly where people are in their lives and helping them understand the circumstances of their situation. Her broad array of knowledge of clinical conditions is matched by her compassion and enthusiasm for helping others move to ever-greater levels of happiness in their lives.”

– Paul O.

“Kat and I met as colleagues, and at this point I see her as a mentor! Kat is an encyclopedia of clinical knowledge of which I reference regularly as I grow into my own practice. She challenges me to avoid professional stagnation and continue to find new ways to apply my clinical skillset. Kat reminds me why I do the work that I do and how I contribute distinct skills to our professions. It has been with her support and encouragement that I find myself where I want to be as a clinical social worker!”

-SJ, Denver, CO

“There are people who touch our lives and we are forever grateful for having met them because of the growth they have helped us to achieve. Katherine of Personal Evolution is one such person. She has reminded me how important it is to take care of my body and that it really does start with small changes. I’ve learned that you can slowly improve your eating habits and begin adding exercise to your everyday life, even if it is just making small changes each day! Her knowledge of food/nutrition and their effects on emotional/mental health has increased my ability to focus, helped with mood enhancement and given me real life tools that I can continue to benefit from as my journey toward healthier living continues.”

– RH, Cherry Hill, NJ

“I started my therapy with Katherine Glick about 2 years ago. In that time, she has been committed to my healing process every step of the way. By working with Kat, I have a better understanding of my own mind and body and feel so much healthier inside and out! It’s amazing how something as simple as changing my diet a bit helped improve my entire mental state.”

– TK, Philadelphia, PA

“Kat is AWESOME! She helped me realize that being healthy did not have to be a chore! It was simple tasks that made all the difference in my life! I have no more headaches and more energy throughout my day. Thank you Kat!”

– LH, Cherry Hill, NJ