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The health care profession and stress often go hand-in-hand, negatively impacting health care professionals. People who suffer from stress may be likelier to develop depression, have reduced job satisfaction, experience psychological distress and have disruptions in their personal relationships. With help from a health and wellness coach at Personal Evolution LLC, you can conquer the problems that are brought about by workplace stress so that you can avoid job burnout, psychological disturbances and decreased job satisfaction.

What is the difference between work-related stress and burnout?

According to research, some stress is important in order to help keep people on their toes and ready to meet the difficulties of situations they are facing. In the health care profession, job related stress is common as doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians and others strive to help patients overcome serious medical conditions and injuries.

When you are confronted by a situation that your brain recognizes as an emergency or as a danger, your body reacts by releasing a flood of adrenaline. In the short term, this can help you get focused and concentrate while you work to help your patient. If you experience ongoing workplace stress, however, you risk becoming burned out. Job burnout can result from chronic stress, leaving you with a reduced ability to concentrate, less job satisfaction, a decreased attention span and less compassion and empathy for your patients.

Signs of work-related stress

When you experience work-related stress, you may have a number of different symptoms. Some of the signs of workplace stress include:

Feeling fatigued


Muscle tension

Gastrointestinal problems

Heart palpitations

Skin problems

Insomnia or other sleep disturbances

Inability to perform your job effectively

It is important for you to get help if you are experiencing these symptoms so that you can regain balance and avoid developing burnout.

Common sources of work stress

There are a number of common sources of work stress for people who work as health care professionals. Many workers struggle with the demands of heavy caseloads and long hours. They may face unrealistic expectations and demands from both their patients and their supervisors. Many health care workers also have problems with their work lives crossing into their personal lives, leading to a poor work and life balance.

Effects of uncontrolled job related stress

Health care is of utmost importance in our society. It is essential that health care professionals remember to take care of themselves as well as their patients so that they can live lives of wellness and balance. When you experience ongoing, uncontrolled job-related stress, it can develop into burnout. Studies have shown that job burnout may shave years off your life, lead to cardiovascular disease and other serious health conditions. It is important for you to learn and implement the strategies you need so that you can avoid compassion fatigue and burnout. Doing so will help you to maintain your competence while also helping you to be a healthy role model for your patients.

Help for work-related stress in Philadelphia

When you go to Personal Evolution LLC for health and wellness coaching, you can learn how to handle the various stresses that are unique to the health care industry. You will also learn different strategies that you can use to combat stress so that you can avoid burnout, fatigue and vicarious trauma.

Therapy with Personal Evolution

“We must live a life of health if we are to be effective healers.” – Kat Glick

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