Health Professionals

Health Professionals

There is considerable evidence that the stress inherent in health care can negatively impact health care professionals. Stress can lead to increased depression, decreased job satisfaction, disrupted personal relationships, and psychological distress. Job-related stress can also decrease attention, reduce concentration, and reduce providers’ abilities to establish strong relationships with patients. 

In today’s world where health and healthcare are of primary importance, it is essential for practitioners and providers of all healthcare disciplines to maintain a life of balance and wellness.  Learning and using skills to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue is not only essential for a competent practice, but also can help you provide a healthy model for your clients and patients. Job burnout is far worse for you than smoking and can cut years off your life!

Health and wellness coaching through Personal Evolution  can help healthcare professionals learn how to handle stresses unique to the field, as well as learn strategies to combat stress and to prevent burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious traumatization.

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