Philosophy of Education: Student Experience and Self-Determination

Philosophy of Education: Student Experience and Self-Determination

Katherine Glick, LPC, LCADC, CCS, ACS, MAC
Founder, Personal Evolution LLC

My Education Philosophy: Student Self-Determination & Experience

My educational philosophy rests on the foundation of Humanism, which looks at the person as a whole and works to enhance personal growth and development. I believe that learning should be student-centered and that students should be equal partners in the learning process, thus enabling them to connect to their personal empowerment and self-determination towards fulfilling their potential.

I strive to create a learning environment that fully supports the student’s autonomy in their own learning process, encouraging each student to connect with their own personal learning objectives for each experience.  I believe this method of student empowerment helps the student’s overall connection to their power of self-determination with the learning process. Similar to the tenants of Humanism I also operate from a philosophy of Progressivism. I believe that learning can be primarily rooted in how an individual actively perceives and personally connects to their experiences. I encourage students to question what they know and strive to create personal meaning for each learning exercise.  Using experiential exercises and in-class discussions around the application of such experiences, I help students identify and assess areas of the learning process that hold personal meaning for them as well as others in the classroom.

Along the lines of teaching to the student as a whole person, I assist students with personal assessment of strengths, needs, and goals within each learning experience/semester. Utilizing other assessment procedures throughout each semester helps to strongly influence the acquisition of learning material and knowledge. I also believe in providing choices for my students in relation to the various course expectations and assignments, if at all possible.

Teaching Methods:

Based on the fact that the majority of the classes I teach have the goal of student acquisition of clinical knowledge, concepts, and applications, I use a combination of learning formats in my classroom.  These include formal lecture, hands-on exercises, and group process to discuss personal responses, reactions, and take-a-ways from the experience. My counseling classes particularly include core learning objectives of enhancing effective communication skills, in and out of the classroom, through the use of in-class exercises and real-world application of skills.  All of my courses incorporate the use of technology, giving the students opportunities for multiple modalities of interaction and knowledge acquisition. This is achieved through viewing & discussing various discussion topics, videos, audio files, articles, blogs, and podcasts.

My Overall Objective:

As a believer in lifelong learning, I see each classroom experience as an opportunity for self reflection and growth. As such, I strive to create a true mindset of curiosity that helps students to continually connect their learning experiences to their overall goals of  personal and professional development.

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